Thursday, April 3, 2008

The project has begun!

I belong to a great group of ebay horse artists called "Whoa". I had been thinking for a few weeks what we could do as a group project to help raise money for horses in need. One day I happened upon a website belonging to a group of artist friends. On that website they shared pictures from a sketchbook that they had been passing around across the country for several months. What a great idea, I thought! We could could all add some lovely original sketches to a book and auction it off on ebay to a charity we vote upon. So the idea came to fruition and we have a great group of 14 wonderful horse artists from the US and UK. We all have 5 pages to work our magic on and in the Fall we will choose a charity and auction off the one of a kind art book.
My hopes with this blog is that each artist will show off what they have drawn over the next few months to give fellow artists and prospective bidders a preview of this special group effort.
~Jennifer - Gypsy Mare Studios (project leader)

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